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By Meredith Oesch

If you have lost anything, you probably know Saint Anthony pretty well, as he is the patron saint of lost items. Lets learn more about the saint who knows where all of our lost items are! Saint Anthony was born in 1195 in portugal. He was born into a wealthy family who wanted him to be a great noble man. He was born into a family who raised him in the church. 

Saint Anthony decided to join the Agustinian canons in 1210 and is thought to have become a priest. In 1220 he joined the Franciscan order. He hoped to preach to the Muslims that were near Portugal at the time and to be martyred. While he was on his way to Morrocco to do this he became seriously ill and was forced to return home. The ship he was on at the time was blown off course and eventually landed in Sicily. Due to his poor health he was no longer allowed to do missionary work among Muslims. He instead was able to teach theology at Bologna, Italy as well as at other colleges near southern France. He was praised greatly for his preaching and was noted for his simple yet proud teaching of the Catholic faith.

Saint Anthony was the most celebrated of St. Francis of Assisi’s followers. Saint Anthony had the reputation of being a miracle worker. When he is depicted in art he is always depicted holding a book, a heart, a flame, a lily, or the child Jesus. To this day we still have writings of his sermons for Sundays and feast days. 

Saint Anthony died while he was on his way to Italy and he was buried there. Saint Anthony was canonized in 1232. His feast day is June 13th. On January 16, 1949 Pope Pius XII declared him a doctor of the church. 

Saint Anthony : About Us
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