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by Meredith Oesch

Saint Louis IX was born in 1214 in Poissy, France. He was the son of Louis VIII and Blanche of Castile. He was passed the throne at the age of twelve. His mother who was still alive at the time served as his regent. When he was nineteen he married Marguerite of Provence. They together had eleven children. On his twenty-first birthday he became fully king. 

Saint Louis IX was known for protecting the French clergy from secular leaders of the time. He was also known for strictly enforcing laws against blasphemy. 

Though it was clear that Saint Louis IX preferred to stay neutral and avoid war in international disputes; he ended up being pulled into a war with King Henry III of England. In 1242, Saint Louis IX defeated Henry III at Taillebourg. 

After the war concluded, he made restitution to the innocent people who had property that was destroyed as a result of the war. Saint Louis IX established Sorbonne in 1252. Sorbonnes was the monasteries of Royaumont, Vavert, and Maubuisson. 

Saint Louis IX led two crusades. These were the sixth and seventh crusades. During the sixth crusade he was captured and was imprisoned from 1244-1249, for five years. Between his two crusades he reopened negotiation with Henry III of England which would lead to some temporary peace between the two countries. These negotiations led to the Treaty of Paris. After these concluded Saint Louis IX spearheaded the seventh crusade. At the beginning of the seventeenth crusade in 1270 Saint Louis IX died at Tunis, Algeria, of dysentery. 

Saint Louis IX was canonized in 1297 by Pope Boniface VIII. Saint Louis Feast day is on August 25. He is the patron saint of the Third Order of St. Francis, France, French Monarchy, hairdressers, and lace makers.

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